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Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio (Sweden) - Jan.2001 « back to interview index

Having recently released their fourth album, the entity know as Ordo (Rosarius) Equilibrio has presented a striking work stocked with Dark Folk elements and Erotic interplay. Tomas Pettersson has parted ways with Chelsea Krook since the project previous achievement, "Conquest, Love and Self Perserverance", and has since found a new partner in Love & War in Miss Rosemary Larsen. Given these facts and the recent addition of the band's full CD catalogue to our selection of products, the time was just about right to have a little chat with Mr. Tomas himself.
Greetings, Tomas. Cold Meat Industry has recently released “Make Love…”, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio’s fourth album and also the one which took the longest to complete, if I’m not mistaken, even though it is your shortest in length. Why such a long absence?
Following the accomplishment of "Conquest, Love & Self Perseverance", I felt emptied of creativity and inspiration, and I consequently had to impart myself time in attempt to rediscover the requisite incentive to proceed with the spawning of a new recording; a duration which apparently was an approximate two years.

This is also the first album after the split between you and Chelsea and with the new name Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio. What else except the name has changed for Ordo Equilibrio with Chelsea’s split?
Without seeking to degrade or trivialize Chelsea’s previous involvement, I believe it is indeed so, that it was seemly and rewarding at the time of its occurrence by means of imparting a female voice and appearance; but reckoning her participation in retrospective, I believe it was similarly reproving and impeding by means of reluctance and antipathy, preventing Ordo Equilibrio to ripen and evolve, and hence attain its factual and complete potential. Something I particularly have come to realize in association with Rosemary, who by virtue of considerable beauty, compatibility and incarnated enthusiasm, imparts the possibility of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio undertaking the appearance of its ripened self. That is how the music and essence of ORE has evolved in circumference to Chelsea’s departure and Rosemary involvement.
Chelsea’s former participation did not alter the objectives or outcome of my operations at the time, and I consequently doubt that her departure will. The intrinsic essence of Ordo Equilibrio is I and I still withstand; and I consequently and sincerely doubt that her departure has or will affect ORE in any conspicuous or substantial way; past, present and/or future. The female essence of ORE has likewise been restored; a wedlock between roses & equilibrium has occurred, perfecting the synthesis through the unification of Roses and Equilibrium, making two become one as to signify the ascent of Equilibrium into Perfection and Balance - ‘Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio / The Order of Roses & Balance’.

I suppose some were expecting a replacement for Chelsea to be found. Has the case been considered or do you plan to carry on the project as a one-man endeavor from now on?
As you and other apparently know, the condition of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio has changed since the release of "Conquest, Love & Self Perseverance" in July 1998. Chelsea Krook decided to resign her participation from the constellation and is no longer incarnated as part of "Make Love, And War" and the future operation of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio. But the female incorporation of ORE has however been balanced. The girl who participated on stage in Neerpelt Belgium on August 4th, calmly and seemingly unconcerned reading Dostojevski was Rosemary Larsen, my beloved girlfriend associate since almost two years and the recently initiated female constituent of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio. And hence claiming that ORE is a one-man venture is incorrect.

Regarding the name change, was this simply a consequence of the Chelsea’s departure or were these separate matters? Why the addition of Rosarius’ to the name?
I did not feel any imperative need to change the name Ordo Equilibrio into Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, but as roses is and always have been intimately affiliated to the aesthetic and lyrical essence of Ordo Equilibrio – roses establishing the aesthetic essence on each side of ‘I4I’ - Among the roses where I stand, torn and scratched disguised by blood, ‘The Perplexity of Hybris, I Glorify Myself’ - ‘Cleft of Stainless Rose’ - We stood alone where roses grew, ‘Where Happiness Ruled’ and so forth; and as my beloved girlfriend Rosemary unexpectedly entered my setting almost two years ago; I merely decided to unite Roses and Equilibrium as to signify the ascent of Equilibrium into Perfection and Balance. Not in order to signify Chelsea’s departure.
I could have decided not to utilize this particular variation and consequently maintain the name Ordo Equilibrio intact without the incorporation of Rosarius, but as this was something that ensued naturally I feel that this alteration does not in any sentient way, change and/or bewilder the orientation and essence of Ordo Equilibrio.

You’ve had a few contributions in the past for live performances and also for recordings, if I’m not mistaken. Were there any on the new album? I seem to have noticed some female vocals in the background somewhere which are apparently uncredited?
There are no auxiliary contributors as part of any foregoing accomplishment besides "Conquest, Love & Self Perseverance" where Fredrik Bergström of No Festival of Light partakes on one song playing drums. And the incorporated female vocals are consequently the contribution of Rosemary.

The erotic contents seem slightly more subtle these days. A consequence of Chelsea’s absence, somehow…?
Nothing is relative to Chelsea’s participation or absence, past present or future.
Every single recording can’t be identical in aesthetics, atmosphere and content to its predecessors. That would merely make everything a clone of everything else.

Also, the obvious anti-Christian stand noted on “The Triumph of Light...” seems to have been dismissed these days, isn’t that so?
How interesting would it be listening to the same propositions and arguments over and over and over again?
You and numerous others already know my perspective on Christianity, so why keep repeating it?

On the other hand, there is a more militaristic/war-related approach to the whole concept, which reflects in the music as well. Will we see the project developing further in this direction?
It is seemingly and relatively impossible to foretell the future and the outcome of our operations. Perhaps our next recording is but a drone of dismal ambiance, or perhaps a country and western album; who knows, and earnestly who wants to know?

Apocalyptic/Dark Folk artists tend to be often associated with right-wing politics by the media and, as such, are often met with some censorship problems. Have you had any problem of this sort?
I am not politically allied in any direction, neither right nor left; but I do however maintain personal assessments regarding a variety of issues – political as well as social, religious as well as ethical.
I am likewise familiar with the unfortunate incidents of misdirected prejudice directed towards Death In June and NON at their visit to Germany a few years back, but I am however glad to say that I have not yet had the opportunity to suffer the displeasure of any such incidents.

Would it be fair to say that each of your albums has a special (even if not exclusive) focus on a particular subject? For instance, “The Triumph of Light...” was quite ‘religiously’ oriented, whereas on “Love, Conquest and Self Perseverance” there was more of a sexually-charged mood to things and now the new one feel closer to war-related issues?
Each album is invariably an attestation of my particular frame of mind over a distinct duration of time - the time from genesis to completion; and its particular title is naturally reflective of its congregated essence.
Neither album is consciously conceptual; not musically, philosophically, lyrically, aesthetically or topically, but it’s title however, chosen to reflect its individual and particular essence.
Each appointed concept - love, sex, war and religion is possible to ascertain as part of all works. Making music and writing lyrics solely in relation to one particular essence would prove utterly restraining, predictable and exclusively disadvantageous; a practice far to many already have endeavored and faltered.

“Make Love, and War” also breaks the tradition established in the last two albums of having 13 songs each. This didn’t seem quite like a coincidence before, or was it...?
I have never intentionally intended to incarnate thirteen songs as part of every recording. Utilizing thirteen songs as part of "The Triumph of Light.... And Thy Thirteen Shadows of Love" seemed becoming in relation to the thirteen shadows; but utilizing thirteen songs as part of "Conquest, Love & Self Perseverance" was merely accidental.

I found the photo on the CD-tray of “Make Love…” rather peculiar. Is it a coincidence that you’re wearing a uniform quite similar to the one that Chelsea used in past Ordo Equilibrio photos?
Judging from your questions altogether it is quite obvious that you seem to believe that Chelsea and her erstwhile participation had considerable impact with regards to the former operations of Ordo Equilibrio; a conjecture which is not particularly true. Nothing transpired without my individual incentive - no photos, no music, no lyrics, and no aesthetics etc., etc. And hence dressing in white shirt, black stockings and garters, black mini skirt and black tie has absolutely nothing to do with Chelsea. This particular dressing is more willingly a uniform I personally consider attractive and akin to the essence of ORE; the same aesthetic essence you are making reference to yourself.

The rest of the excellent photos on the booklet deserve a mention here as well. Tell us a bit about these, please. You’ve been working with this photographer for a while now, correct?
The situation is such that we in fact decided to work with another photographer for the photographing of "Make Love, And War" – Andreas Söderberg. The outcome was indeed quite successful, and Andreas is an excellent photographer whom I believe deserves any and all recognition akin to his past, present and future work.
Our former photographer’s name is Jonas Sjögreen. Jonas is a close friend of ours, and by all means someone we’ll contract again for the photographic realization of future works.

Work on a video has been announced a long time ago. What is the status on this at the moment?
So what’s there to say about the impending video? It is currently being assembled and slowly but surely completed as time passes by. It is being realized in association with video artist Mikael Prey a.k.a. Fetish 23, and estimated for release during 2001. The video is conjectured to manifest a comprehensive portrayal of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio and the sexual, spiritual and aesthetic essence it incarnates, and thus feature a handpicked selection of directed material, conceivable live footage and possibly the incorporation of spoken and written words.
Some words about Fetish 23. Mikael is a friend of ours in his mid thirties. He has previously made videos for Death in June’s "Leopard Flowers", Puissance’s "Global Death Rape" and complete full-length videos for White Stains "Wild Orchids" and Omala "‘Relics". With comprehensive skills and experience in the making of experimental films & video, and with knowledge and dedication to the esoteric, we figured Mikael was a seemly participant to realize this aesthetic venture in association with us.

And what about the limited double 7” mentioned on Cold Meat Industry’s catalogue some time ago? When should this be available?
The limited 2 x 7” box "4 Life 4 Love 4 Lust & Roses" is currently being completed, and as far as my desires are possible to realize I truly hope for its impending release on March 19th 2001. But whether or not this in fact will be conceivable remains to be determined as we proceed.

Are there any plans regarding live performances at this moment? What can be expected of those?
There is the conceivable possibility of a handful of performances throughout the duration of next year - possibly in Portugal, Spain and Germany, but likewise the possibility of three performances in South America.
Don’t expect anything and you won’t be disappointed.

What is the probability of accomplishing the performance in Portugal?
As far as the current negotiations come through, there will be at least one performance in Portugal next year; most likely in Porto together with Raison d’Être and Sophia; but as these arrangements are currently being negotiated, everything yet remains to be determined .

interview by João Monteiro


Tomas Pettersson
Rosemary Larsen

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