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Shining Silver Skies
Digipak CD
"Gli Ashram sono tra i segreti piu’ brillanti del panorama sotterraneo italiano. Non stupisce che di loro si sia accorta l’etichetta portoghese Equilibrium, luogo di ritrovo per gli animi romantici di (...)"
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Caprice (Russia) - Jan.2002 read interview »
Caprice are one of the latest sensations on Iris' fine line of Neo-Classical talents. This lenghty ensemble gathers musicians from the Bolshoi Theatre and the Gennady Rozhdestvensky's orchestras, under Anton Brejestovski's command and accompanied by Inna Brejestovskaya's wonderful voice and with their first proper album. "Elvenmusic", they bring their own vision of what 'Music of the Elves' should sound like, in remarkably crafted compositions which are complemented with poems by J.R. Tolkien taken off his "The Lord of the Rings" saga. We have questioned Anton to find out some more about the project.
Sophia (Sweden) - Oct.2001 read interview »
"Herbstwerk" sets the return of Sophia, the new child of Peter Pettersson, also known for his brilliant work with Arcana. Again, Peter sets out to explore dismal landscapes, where apocalyptic marches echo and thunder, yet this time he lets out a more orchestral side of his creation than what was found on "Sigillum Militum". We had a brief chat with Peter regarding this new passion of his and also about what's been happening with Arcana...
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio (Sweden) - Jan.2001 read interview »
Having recently released their fourth album, the entity know as Ordo (Rosarius) Equilibrio has presented a striking work stocked with Dark Folk elements and Erotic interplay. Tomas Pettersson has parted ways with Chelsea Krook since the project previous achievement, "Conquest, Love and Self Perserverance", and has since found a new partner in Love & War in Miss Rosemary Larsen. Given these facts and the recent addition of the band's full CD catalogue to our selection of products, the time was just about right to have a little chat with Mr. Tomas himself.
Canaan/Eibon Records (Italy) - Nov.2000 read interview »
"Brand New Babylon", Canaan's third full length album to date, sees the return of one of the most interesting and creative Italian units.
The band fronted by Eibon Records headmaster Mauro Berchi have gathered a loyal fanbase with their previous two releases "Blue Fire" (now finally re-pressed sold-out) and "Walk Into My Open Womb", which the amazing work achieved with "Brand New Babylon" will certainly not disappoint.
This new album was released by both Eibon Records (on a luxurious leather digipack edition!) and Prophecy Records, and is one of our recommendations from this month's update. Mauro Berchi leads us through a trip into the dark lands of Canaan and tells us a bit about his work with Eibon Records as well, which we are honored to represent via Equilibrium as well.
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