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12" LP Manic Depression
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A Day of Warm R...
Digipak CD
"VITTORIO VANDELLI ist ein italienischer Gitarrist und Gründungsmitglied der Mittelalter/Folk-Band ATARAXIA, der er seit über zehn Jahren angehört. "A Day Of Warm Rain In Heaven" ist nun sein erstes S(...)"
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Out June 15th 2020, on Equilibrium Music and Two Moon Records
Urze de Lume (Portugal)
EQM048 - "Histórias de Lobos – Entre O Lume E A Escuridão" MC 2020 [ out 2020.06.15 ]
sold out
Still present on the collective memory of the brave Lusitanian ancestors, “Histórias de Lobos – Entre o Lume e a Escuridão” (Wolf Stories – Between the Fire and Darkness) come to us as a dark winter night, remembering that not long ago the call of the wolves of old was heard through the mountains of Portugal…

Through a blend of dark ambient, clean guitars and more harsher sounds, URZE DE LUME tries to draw the moments where wolves rise as memories, and memories arise as wolves.

“Histórias de Lobos…” is available on cassette tape, limited to 75 handnumbered copies with download code.

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- tracklist -
A1. Capítulo I - No lume oiço o uivar
A2. Capítulo II - Da minha salvação
A3. Capítulo III - Passei tanto tempo entre as pedras e o céu
A4. Capítulo IV - Que me tornei parte destes ermos
A5. Capítulo V - Desta imensidão em que me deixo, e parto
B1. Capítulo VI - Para lá da noite
B2. Capítulo VII - Para a escuridão
Also available now, on Equilibrium Music
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio / Trepaneringsritualen (Sweden)
EQM044 - "Nature Seeking Equilibrium (War 4 the Principle of Balance)" 7" EP 2019
Equilibrium Music is proud to announce the release of the “Nature Seeking Equilibrium (War 4 the Principle of Balance)” 7", where Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio and Trepaneringsritualen revisit a pivotal piece in Ordo Equilibrio's reliquary. The title of this Ordo Equilibrio classic has always felt perfectly tailored for Equilibrium Music, and we can only return in kind and grant it the equally fitting catalog reference EQM044, as we celebrate the materializing of a long-lasting ambition to cooperate with these key figures of the Post-Industrial / Dark Folk scene.

“Nature Seeking Equilibrium (War 4 the Principle of Balance)” originally appeared in the limited “I4I” picture disc 7" (Cold Meat Industry, 1997). Back then Ordo Equilibrio had not yet perished and given way to Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, but there was already growing evidence that the Post-Industrial ambiance of their earlier days would branch out into new territories. With the inclusion of “In The Grassy Fields...” on side B, “I4I” was in part a teaser for the 1998 “Conquest, Love & Self Perseverance” album that followed, yet the side A of the single took the martial facet of Ordo Equilibrio to an zenith which has since remained for the most part unmatched.

The track instantly became a defining hymn for the band, and although its only physical incarnation was confined to a rare 7" and never again made available in any other release, the song still holds its place in Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio's live repertoire to this day. Serving often as the closing encore to their shows, it is met with great acclaim from their devoted audiences, who for the most part join the monumental chorus that underscores the doggedly deterministic theme.

Therefore it grew obvious as time went by that the rendition known on stage, and which had evolved naturally alongside the band's sound, needed to be kept for posterity as well. With this purpose in mind, Tomas Pettersson now delivers to the world its refurbished and definitive version, which emboldens the original militant grandiosity with a polished armor while bringing it closer to ORE's current standards.

The obscure entity known as Trepaneringsritualen has also been summoned to take part in this celebratory landmark, and challenged to present the piece in its own vision. Loyal to its trademark Death Industrial style, TxRxP's somewhat primitive interpretation, on the other hand, is drenched in a murky sludge whose stench of exhumed corpses engulfs all hope that any notion of rebirth could perhaps surface from this ordeal.

Over twenty years later, “Nature seeking Equilibrium (War 4 the Principle of Balance)” continues to provide a perfect blueprint for a true Martial Industrial anthem, with the potential to unfold into substantially diverging embodiments such as these while keeping its quintessential character. These two new versions are again exclusively committed to 7" vinyl, thus retaining also the original analogue-only availability. The time has come again to 'See the blaze of wielding swords'!

Available in three different pressings, each handnumbered and limited to 222 copies, and coming with an insert with lyrics:

- Gold / black marbled vinyl, housed in white card stock cover with gold foil block printing
  [ 13.00EUR ] | [ add to cart ]

- Black vinyl, housed in burgundy card stock cover with black foil block printing
  sold out

- Red / black marbled vinyl, coming in black card stock cover with red foil block printing
  sold out

- tracklist -
A1. Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - Nature Seeking Equilibrium (War 4 the Principle of Balance) (04:28)
B1. Trepaneringsritualen - Nature Seeking Equilibrium (War 4 the Principle of Balance) (6:34)
[ also available now, on Equilibrium Music ]

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