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Yann Tiersen
Kerber - Black Vinyl
12" LP Mute
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Let Us Lead
Digipak CD
"Les Suédois F. Söderlund et H. Möller, entre autres projets, se sont fait connaître pour la sévérité de la musique militaro-industrielle qu’ils développèrent un premier temps sur Cold Meat Industry. L(...)"

ObsküR[e] Kollektive
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Coil (United Kingdom)
"with Black Sun Productions – The Plastic Spider Thing" Digipak CD + DVD Set 2017, Rustblade
21.00EUR • approx. 30.5USD [ temp. out of stock ] : [ pre-order ]
Synths, drones, and psychedelic textures lead us on mystical tour of sex and magic, serving as a testament to the undeniable connection between Coil’s music, ritual magic, and performance art. Includes a collection of Black Sun Productions videos.

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- tracklist -
01. Every Spider needs at least One Victim. (02:54)
02. The Spider has to paralyse the Victim. Paralyzing occurs when the Victim is photographed with Flash by a Polaroid Camera. (02:53)
03. The Victim is without Will from this Moment on. (05:00)
04. The Spider now takes the Victim to undress Him. (09:05)
05. When the Victim is undressed, the Spider sets him in the desired Position. (05:39)
06. Now the Spider cocoons the Victim, meaning the Spider wraps the Victim in Plastic. (05:39)
07. When the Cocoon is finished the Spider watches the Victim, his Artwork is done. The Spider makes another Polaroid, the next Image for The Plastic Spider Thing Diary. (04:37)
08. The Spider now sucks out the Victim. (07:47)
09. The Spider got what he wanted. Satisfied and full of Blood he makes another Polaroid of the Victim: The Awakening. This is the third and last obligatory Polaroid for The Plastic Spider Thing Diary. (02:44)
10. Hello Victim! Awake! The Victim gets back his Freedom. (02:37)
11. All this has always to be filmed. The Cameraman has to wear a Black Leather Coat. (07:35)
12. There is always a Soundtrack. (06:31)
13. More Photographs and Polaroids are good! (05:13)
Bonus DVD:
01. The Esoteric Mystery of Coil revealed
02. Meet Murder My Angel
03. Marziale
04. Forte con Brio
05. Brothel Tango
06. A List of Wishes
07. A well hung Monk
08. Autopsia di un poeta
09. Solar Lounge
10. Das Gegenteil
11. Chemism
12. Veneration X
13. Uncle Billy
14. Watching Salo
15. Dimenticata

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