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Sarah Davachi
Antiphonals - S...
12" LP Late Music
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Les Fragments d...
Musique du Crépuscule
Digipak CD
"Led by French musicians Michel Villar and Ombeline Chardes, Les Fragments de la Nuit is a five piece neoclassical chamber orchestra which composes film scores for people who live like its Halloween al(...)"

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Murcof (Mexico)
"The Versailles Sessions" Digipak CD 2008, The Leaf Label
8.00EUR • approx. 11.6USD [ add to cart ]
Classical meets glitchy Electronica. Six compositions prepared for a site-specific commission at Château de Versailles, derived entirely from recordings of 17th century baroque instruments (harpsichord, viola da gamba, flute and violin) and mezzo soprano.

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- tracklist -
01. Welcome To Versailles
02. Louis XIV's Demons
03. A Lesson For The Future, Farewell To The Old Ways
04. Death Of A Forest
05. Spring In The Artificial Gardens
06. Lully's "Turquerie" As Interpreted By An Advanced Script

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