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"Saskia Dommisse and Marcel Shiborr meet at a workshop hosted by Dead Can Dance's Brendan Perry. They have recorded an album that reflects that influence. Their highly poetic music weaves a spell throu(...)"

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Atum (Poland)
"Legendy Miejskie" Digipak CD 2009, Beast of Prey
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Composed mostly of recordings from his hometown, Atum attempts to reconstruct his surroundings in order to distill something that eludes every-day experience, by combining field recordings, drones, whispers, and sounds of different acoustic instruments.

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split release featuring Atum:
  • Gae Bolg / Omne Datum Optimum
    "split" Sleevecard MCD 2005

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- tracklist -
01. Legendy Miejskie I
02. Legendy Miejskie II
03. Legendy Miejskie III
04. Legendy Miejskie IV
05. Legendy Miejskie V

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