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Runaljod - Ragn...
2x 12" Gatefold Picture LP By Norse Music
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Grace of God
Digipak CD
"Apokalyptisk marschmusik? Neoklassiska kampsånger? Militärisk industripop? Puissance är alltid hemlighetsfullt chockerande utan att egentligen komma för nära gränsen där flörtandet med totalitära regi(...)"

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A Projection (Sweden)
"Framework" 12" EP + CD Set 2017, Tapete Records
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A Projection musically captures the "essence of restlessness and isolation in the big city" by spinning a web of 80s Post Punk, energetic Indie Rock and Electronica, with honest texts framed by effected guitars, thunderous drums and monumental synths.

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- tracklist -
A1. Hands
A2. Dark City
A3. Transition
A4. Sensible Ends
A5. Scattered
A6. I'm Not Here
B1. No Light
B2. Next Time
B3. For Another Day
B4. Betrayel
B5. Hollow Eyes
B6. Breach
B7. Listen To The Dark
CD-1. Hands
CD-2. Dark City
CD-3. Transition
CD-4. Sensible Ends
CD-5. Scattered
CD-6. I'm Not Here
CD-7. No Light
CD-8. Next Time
CD-9. For Another Day
CD-10. Betrayel
CD-11. Hollow Eyes
CD-12. Breach
CD-13. Listen To The Dark

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