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Fourth, Part One
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"Wenn man häufig Musik hört, gibt es Sätze, die bei einem nur noch ein müdes Lächeln und ein Augenverdrehen hervorrufen. Ein solcher Satz ist so einer wie „man kann unsere Musik nicht einfach kategoris(...)"
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David Sylvian (United Kingdom)
"Sleepwalkers" 2x 12" Gatefold LP 2022, Grönland
34.00EUR • approx. 49.3USD [ back in stock ] : [ add to cart ]
A revised, remastered reissue of "Sleepwalkers", the fruits of one-off meetings and lifelong partnerships, which jump from bliss to intrigue, romance to sensuality, as arch experiments lead into the lushest Pop.

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- tracklist -
A1. David Sylvian - Sleepwalkers
A2. Nine Horses - Money For All
A3. David Sylvian - Do You Know Me Now?
A4. Punkt - Angels
B1. David Sylvian / Ryuichi Sakamoto - World Citizen - I Won't Be Disappointed
B2. David Sylvian - Five Lines
B3. Nine Horses - The Day The Earth Stole Heaven
B4. David Sylvian - Modern Interior
C1. Takagi Masakatsu featuring David Sylvian - Exit - Delete
C2. Tweaker featuring David Sylvian - Pure Genius
C3. Nine Horses - Wonderful World
C4. Christian Fennesz - Transit
D1. David Sylvian - World Citizen
D2. David Sylvian / Ryuichi Sakamoto - The World Is Everything
D3. Arve Henriksen - Thermal
D4. Readymade featuring David Sylvian - Sugarfuel
D5. David Sylvian - Trauma

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