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Ketil Bjřrnstad
Early Piano Music (2011)
3x 12" LP Boxset Hubro
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Digipak CD
"The French tribal folk / neo-classical duo Rajna is back with a new album entitled Offering. Four years have passed since the latest album and now Fabrice and Jeanne LeFebvre are finally back with a n(...)"

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My Dying Bride (United Kingdom)
"Turn Loose The Swans (1993)" 2x 12" Gatefold LP 2014, Peaceville
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"Turn Loose the Swans" saw the band stretching and pushing the grandiose textures and epic Doom dynamics, with the addition of violinist and pianist Martin Powell. The album has since been hailed as the blueprint for the new Gothic Metal genre.

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- tracklist -
A2. Your River
B1. The Songless Bird
B2. The Snow In My Hand
C. The Crown Of Sympathy
D1. Turn Loose The Swans
D2. Black God

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