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The Veil of Queen Mab
Digipak CD
"Tornano pi in forma che mai ad alietare di intense emozioni le nostre giornate gli Hexperos con questo nuovo lavoro intitolato The Veil Of Queen Mab. Sono passati tre anni dal loro debutto The Gar(...)"

Metallo Italiano
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Imha Tarikat (Germany)
"Kara Ihlas / Kenoboros - Initiation of Passion Bursting" Digipak CD 2020, Prophecy Productions
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Driven by gut instinct and burning passion, Imha Tarikat's style is very direct, raw and fierce inspired by early Norwegian Black Metal, dark melodic Swedish influences, vicious outbursts of Speed, a dash of Punk, and even a pinch of Occult Rock.

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- tracklist -
01. kmş Mhr (The Broken Seal)
02. Akan Sır (The Flowing Wisdom)
03. Omninihai zm (Omni-Final Solution)
04. Katarsis Vaazı (Catharsis Sermon)
05. Şafaksıs Rya (Dawnless Dream)
06. Kara Ihlas (Black Purity)
07. Imha Tarikatı (Sect Of Destruction)
08. Son Mistisizm (The Last Mysticism)
09. Grey Path
10. Kenoboros
11. Blazing Hive
12. Tahribat

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