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Omne Ensis Impera
Digipak CD
"We sing the praise of war not for the way it makes people die but for the way it makes people come alive. C’est par cette phrase inscrite à l’intérieur du digipack que le duo suédois Arditi tente une (...)"

Khimaira Magazine
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Play It Again Sam
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Agnes Obel (Denmark)
"Philharmonics" 12" LP 2010, Play It Again Sam
24.00EUR • approx. 34.8USD [ temp. out of stock ] : [ pre-order ]
Agnes's debut claimed influences by Roy Orbison, Sonic Youth and Eric Satie, and drew comparisons to Joanna Newsom, Ane Brun, St Vincent and Ricki Lee Jones, as her masterful use of piano and strings injected energy and shading into the songs.

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- tracklist -
A1. Falling, Catching (1:35)
A2. Riverside (3:50)
A3. Brother Sparrow (4:00)
A4. Just So (3:37)
A5. Beast (3:52)
A6. Louretta (2:08)
B7. Avenue (4:09)
B8. Philharmonics (3:35)
B9. Close Watch (4:04)
B10. Wallflower (2:28)
B11. Over The Hill (2:50)
B12. On Powdered Ground (4:10)

last update: 2021-10-28
Agnes Obel (Denmark)
"Aventine" 12" LP 2013, Play It Again Sam
24.00EUR • approx. 34.8USD [ new ] : [ add to cart ]
A beautiful record, intriguingly unhurried, as Agnes builds upon the beautiful legacy of her brilliant debut. If the first record was a wander through the forest, this one takes the time to see the beauty and feel the texture in a single leaf.

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- tracklist -
A1. Chord Left
A2. Fuel To Fire
A3. Dorian
A4. Aventine
A5. Run Cried The Crawling
B1. Tokka
B2. The Curse
B3. Pass Them By
B4. Words Are Dead
B5. Fivefold
B6. Smoke & Mirrors

last update: 2021-08-12
Agnes Obel (Denmark)
"Citizen Of Glass" 12" Gatefold LP 2016, Play It Again Sam
24.00EUR • approx. 34.8USD [ temp. out of stock ] : [ pre-order ]
A work of haunting beauty and an expansion of Obel’s mesmerising world. Inspired by modern composers, the album conceptually and thematically revolves around the leitmotif of transparency and sees Obel experimenting with her vocals in inventive new ways.

audio files available
- tracklist -
A1. Stretch Your Eyes
A2. Familiar
A3. Red Virgin Soil
A4. It's Happening Again
A5. Stone
B1. Trojan Horses
B2. Citizen Of Glass
B3. Golden Green
B4. Grasshopper
B5. Mary

last update: 2021-10-28
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