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"Formed by a female/male duo who met in 2003 at a Brendan Perry's workshop in Ireland, Poets To Their Beloved, after working at distance (Marcel Schiborr is from Germany and Saskia Dommisse is from Hol(...)"

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Andrew Liles (United Kingdom)
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Andrew Liles (United Kingdom)
"It's Only Pain - Dark Blue Marbled Vinyl on Blue Cover" 12" LP 2021, Dirter Promotions
22.00EUR • approx. 31.9USD [ new ] : [ add to cart ]
Liles' first 'general' release since 2018. A compelling album full of unlikely twists and turns, in a unique homage to his dead father's memory and words which covers an array of styles, from Heavy Rock to Psychedelia. Lim. 250x.

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- tracklist -
A1. Skid Row Schizoid
A2. A Thousand Minds
A3. Bywyd Llonydd
A4. Beyond The Cosmos
B1. Electronic Library
B2. Sailor Boy
B3. Lliwiau
B4. Humanist
B5. Down The One Side
B6. Freedom And Death

last update: 2022-01-14
Andrew Liles (United Kingdom)
"Colossus (Amalgamation, Codicil & Appendix) - Dirty Mauve Vinyl" 12" LP 2019, Dirter Promotions
19.00EUR • approx. 27.6USD [ temp. out of stock ] : [ pre-order ]
Initially released as a download project that consisted of 50 tracks all of which were 50 minutes long, this LP is an instrumental, edited and consolidated collection of all 50 tracks in chronological order cut into 50 second extracts. Lim. 300x.

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- tracklist -
A. Colossus (Part One - Consolidated)
B. Colossus (Part Two - Consolidated)

last update: 2021-12-22
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