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"Dopo l'ottimo debutto degli Ion di Duncan Patterson, la portoghese Equilibrium Music si segnala per un'altra interessante produzione in ambito extra-metal. Stiamo parlando dei Puissance, band svedese (...)"
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The Vision Bleak (Germany)
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The Vision Bleak (Germany)
"Witching Hour" 12" Gatefold LP 2013, Prophecy Productions
22.00EUR • approx. 31.9USD [ back in stock ] : [ add to cart ]
The clock strikes twelve, witching hour - The Vision Bleak have returned! 3 years after "Set Sail...", the masters of Horror Metal have undergone a creative rejuvenation that goes back to their debut. Gatefold LP, w/bonus track and poster, lim. 300x.

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- tracklist -
A1. Witching Hour
A2. A Witch Is Born
A3. The Blocksberg Rite
A4. Cannibal Witch
A5. The Wood Hag
B1. Hexenmeister
B2. Pesta Approaches
B3. The Call Of The Banshees
B4. The Valkyrie

last update: 2022-06-21
The Vision Bleak (Germany)
"Set Sail to Mystery - Luxus Edition" Digibook 2x CD 2010, Prophecy Productions
39.00EUR • approx. 56.6USD [ add to cart ]
Dark fairytales performed as a very varied hell-ride featuring dramatic pomp, oppressive metal, and forceful energy as well as mean screeches, Thomas Helm's operatic vocals, and female furies. 2CD hardcover artbook (Lim. 1.000x, 56 pages, 28 x 28 cm).

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- tracklist -
Disc I: 01. A Curse Of The Grandest Kind
02. Descend Into Maelstrom
03. I Dined With The Swans
04. A Romance With The Grave
05. The Outsider
06. Mother Nothingness (The Triumph Of Ubbo Sathla)
07. The Foul Within
08. He Who Paints The Black Of Night
Disc II:
01. I Dined With The Swans (featuring Vocals by Niklas Kvarforth (Shining))
02. By The Misery of Fate He Was Haunted (Master's Hammer Cover Version)
03. Descend Into Maelstrom (Classic Version in Monochrome)
04. Mother Nothingness (Classic Version in Monochrome)
05. The Foul Within (Classic Version in Monochrome)
06. I Dined With The Swans (Piano Version in Monochrome)
07. A Farewell At Sea (Classic Version in Monochrome)

last update: 2010-05-12
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