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"Also on their ninth album Offering RAJNA wont refute the comparisons to the godfathers Dead Can Dance. But to be honest this is as half as wild. In fact there are way more bad things than being com(...)"

Nocturnal Hall Magazine
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Chasms (U.S.A.)
"On The Legs Of Love Purified" 12" LP 2016, Felte
17.00EUR • approx. 24.7USD [ temp. out of stock ] : [ pre-order ]
Chasms crafts percussive dirges that are at once beautiful and menacing. The band's affinity for industrial rhythms, swelling textures, precise minimalism, and chaotic eruptions of noise sounds as equally informed by Shoegaze as Drone and Doom Metal.

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- tracklist -
A1. More Love To Be Found (3:41)
A2. Black Ice (5:10)
A3. Beyond Flesh (4:29)
A4. We'll Go (4:04)
B1. Come To Harm (4:49)
B2. Intimacy (5:46)
B3. Between The Eyes (5:20)

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