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Ainda ╔ Noite
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"Lettori miei, voi che mi compatite, comprendete la mia angoscia: come poter esprimere la beltade di questo dischetto, senzĺoffender con verbi troppo correnti la sua immensa grandezza? Ci prover˛, e la(...)"

Ver Sacrum
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Orka (Faroe Islands)
"Va­" 12" LP 2016, Tutl
15.50EUR • approx. 22.5USD [ add to cart ]
Orka leave behind the more ethereal qualities of their sound and twist into hardened, cathartic Techno and raw minimal Electronica produced out of homemade instruments, whose sounds are largely broken up into samples.

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- tracklist -
A1. Igulker
A2. Grind
A3. DÝs
A4. Blik
A5. DimmalŠtting
A6. Vrak
B1. Va§
B2. Skin
B3. Dj˙pini
B4. Kav
B5. Torva

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