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"Agnes Toth e Mihaly Szabo hanno dato vita ai The Moon and the Nightspirit solo un paio d'anni fa, ma grazie al supporto della Equilibrium Music, volenterosa e valida etichetta portoghese, hanno ora po(...)"
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1476 (U.S.A.)
"Smoke In The Sky" Digipak CD 2016, Prophecy Productions
13.00EUR • approx. 18.9USD [ add to cart ]
Tribal/Folk instrumented with acoustic guitars, bowed and finger picked stand-up bass, piano, drums, and an analogue synthesizer to create drones for backdrops/ambience, inspired by the Hermetic idea of "turning of lead into gold".

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- tracklist -
01. Ave Apollyon
02. To Draw the Fifteen
03. To Reveal the Shadow Self
04. To Call Up Smoke
05. To Lye in Waite
06. Ave Apollo
07. The Apocatastasis (live)
08. Funeral (live)
09. Good Morning, Blackbird (live)
10. To Call Up Smoke (live)
11. Herne's Oak (live)
12. The Demons in the Circle (live)
13. When the Curtain Falls (live)

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