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Grace of God
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"After three years from "State Collapse", Puissance are back and they have a lot to say and a good amount of new sounds to propose. If you already read the interview I did with them you are aware that (...)"

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Arstidir Lifsins (Germany / Iceland)
"J÷tunheima Dolgfer­ - Black Vinyl" 2x 12" LP 2010, Vßn
22.00EUR • approx. 31.9USD [ add to cart ]
Uncompromising Black Metal parts fade into folkloristic choir passages, Ambient elements mix with sound samples of Nature and piano and vibraphone add their characteristics, creating a 70min. walk to a harsh, unknown part of Iceland's history.

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- tracklist -
A1. ═sa Brots Blˇmin Milli Hnignunar Marnars Barna (1:06)
A2. Morgunn ═ Grßrri Vindhjßlmars ■oku Vi­ Berufj÷r­ (7:59)
A3. Velkomin ═ LÝfi­, ┴varpar Ma­r Sjßlfan Sig (12:41)
B1. Haka Kleifir Berja Ok Brjˇta Vi­ Enda Langrar Fer­ar Sinnar (5:14)
B2. Lif­u Me­ Í­rum, Me­ ■Ýnum Eigin (5:10)
B3. Eigi Hefr ┴ Augu, UnnskÝ­s Komit SÝ­an (7:43)
C1. Margt Breytist Fyrir Or­ V÷lvanna (10:00)
C2. Vi­ Fundum Nřtt Heimili, Langt Burtu ═ Vestrinu (8:53)
D1. Ůat Er Stormr Ok Blßk÷ld VatnssmÝ­in Litar Regna Borg (11:26)

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