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"The name of the band and the style of the artwork already gave me a clue what kind of music to expect. The Moon and the Nightspirit, a duo from Hungary, creates ethereal music full of mystery and roma(...)"

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Marsheaux (Greece)
"A Broken Frame" Digipak 2x CD 2015, Undo Records
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Marsheaux resort to unconventional sounds and female vocals to re-invent Depeche Mode's 1982 classic transitional album, "A Broken Frame", making it a work of their own, expressive, innovative and full of character. 2x CD edition, with 14 extra tracks!

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- tracklist -
CD I - Original Album + B-Sides:
01 Leave in Silence
02 My Secret Garden
03 Monument
04 Nothing to fear
05 See You
06 Satellite
07 The Meaning of Love
08 A Photograph of You
09 Shouldn’t have done that
10 The Sun and the Rainfall
11 Now this is Fun (feat. James New)
12 Oberkorn (It’s a small Town)
CD II - A Broken Frame Extended:
01 Leave in Silence (Extended Version)
02 My Secret Garden (Extended Version)
03 Monument (Extended Version)
04 Nothing to Fear (Extended Version)
05 See You (Extended Version)
06 Satellite (Extended Version)
07 The Meaning of Love (Extended Version)
08 A Photograph of You (Extended Version)
09 Shouldn’t have done that (Extended Version)
10 The Sun and the Rainfall (Extended Version)

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