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Omne Ensis Impera
Digipak CD
"Quatrième véritable album pour ce duo / projet suédois ARDITI, qui ont également d’autres groupes tels que PUISSANCE, ALGAION, et des participations sur les deux derniers albums de Marduk. Doté d’un t(...)"

Pavillion 666
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Wilt (U.S.A.)
"Cemetery Road / Dead Electroniks" Digifile 2x CD 2009, Ad Noiseam
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A double CD celebrating Wilt's tenth anniversary, containing a new full length album by these veterans and central figures of the American's dark experimental scene and a homage CD, with eleven remixes by both well known acts and newcomers.

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- tracklist -
CD I: Cemetery Road
01. Red Bird, Black Sky
02. The Weight Of Headstones
03. A Small Release
04. Escape
05. A Deaf Cry
06. The Realm Of Shattered Prisms
07. The Grim
08. Symptom Of The End
09. Serpent Dream
10. The Remainder
11. To An End
CD II: Dead Electroniks
01. Constellation
02. A Case Of Castration Anxiety (remix by Climax Denial)
03. Megalith (remix by Cornucopia)
04. A Room With Neither Entrance, Nor Exit (remix by Theologian)
05. Entombed in Velvet (remix by Luasa Raelon)
06. Beyond The Valley Of The Dead (remix by Veil Of Secrecy)
07. Signe Correct Correspondant (remix by Mark Solotroff)
08. In The Shadow of Dead Angels (remix by Josh Lay)
09. Void (remix by Locrian)
10. The Blood Runs Thinner With Each Breath (remix by Sickness)
11. Broken Diodes (remix by Horchata)
12. The Many Armed Beast (remix by Larvae)
13. Dusk

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