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The Time It Tak...
12" LP Western Vinyl
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Fourth, Part One
Digipak CD
"Deleyaman are a four piece band based out of Normandy, France and have just released their fourth album Fourth, Part One on Equilibrium Music. The album took almost three years to make and out of thes(...)"

Sea of Tranquility
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20.SV (Lebanon)
"Apocalyptic Desert" Sleevecard MCD 2008, Autumn Wind Productions
8.00EUR • approx. 11.6USD [ add to cart ]
20.SV blasts tsunamis of radioactive sand unto the modern world setting a complete new interpretation of sound and music at its most extreme levels. Industrial Noise Electronics. Harsh stuff or maybe just the work of a lunatic...

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01. Apocalyptic Desert (28:53)

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