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"Yes, yes, YES! For years I've just been searching endlessly for a traditional Folk band that captures the essence of what the music of what Hagalaz' Runedance was about, and with the Hungarian act The(...)"

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Oraison (France)
"Au commencement..." CD 2002, Vaws
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Often accompanying Sol Invictus in their French shows, Oraison have been known for their ontributions to various prestigious compilations. "Au Commencement..." includes some of their earlier material, together with various live and demo tracks.

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- tracklist -
01. The rebellion
02. As kings we'll reign (thou and I)
03. Within our hearts
04. There is nothing to be proud of
05. Sons of the void
06. On a tide of hope
07. Wonderful life (BLACK cover)
08. Oraison
09. As kings we'll reign (thou and I) live 2000
10. Blood royale live 2000
11. The martyrs pray (demo)
12. La valse d'Europe (demo)

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