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"Eine neue Band aus Italien, die allerdings nicht aus unerfahrenen Leuten besteht, sich bereits 2004 gefunden hat, aber erst jetzt ihr Debütalbum abliefert. Sängerin Alessandra Santovito war unter ande(...)"

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Ved Buens Ende (Norway)
"Those Who Caress The Pale (1994) - Black Print on White Leather" A5 Leatherbook CD 2007, Kyrck Productions
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The cult demo of Norwegian Avant-garde Black Metal band Ved Buens Ende, originally released 1994 on cassette tape. This handmade re-issue includes five rehearsal/promo bonus tracks by Ved Buens Ende's predecessor band Manes.

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- tracklist -
Ved Buens Ende - Those Who Caress The Pale (1994)
i. A Mask In The Mirror
ii. The Carrier Of Wounds
iii. You That May Wither
iv. The Plunderer
v. Those Who Caress The Pale
vi. Insects (Part I)
Manes - Pro-Gnosis-Diabolis (1993)
vii. NMY
viii. His Masters Voice
ix. Nar Solen Stivner
x. In My Tomb Of Silver Cold
xi. My Blackhearted Flower

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