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"The Moon and the Nightspirit refresh the historic sounds of pagan folk music with honesty, vision and youth. Weaving the gypsy spirit of their own Hungarian folksong with verdant Celtic sounds, their (...)"

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Aerial Ruin (U.S.A.)
"& Stevie Floyd - Split ​/ Collaboration" 12" LP 2013, self released
24.00EUR • approx. 34.8USD [ temp. out of stock ] : [ pre-order ]
Stevie Floyd (Dark Castle, Taurus) is offering the more experimental vibe on her songs, relying on minimalistic structures and haunting atmospheres, while the Aerial Ruin tracks seem to be existing within the melancholic acoustic territory.

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- tracklist -
A1. Where The Shadow Stands
A2. November
A3. LessThan Decay
A4. Blood For Fall
A5. Ascending
A6. The Only Road
B1. You Scathed The Sun
B2. Failure
B3. Wrest In Natur
B4. Dissapear
B5. Ungod Reappear
B6. This Has Gone

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