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Spine - Silver Vinyl
12" LP Relapse Records
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Digipak CD
"Credo che fosse inevitabile che prima o poi le strade dei Rajna e dell’Equilibrium Music si incrociassero. Troppe le affinità tra il duo francese e l’etichetta portoghese. Quindi non mi sorprende che,(...)"

Raw & Wild
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Ataraxia (Italy)
"Lost Atlantis (1999) - Aqua Blue Vinyl" 2x 12" Gatefold LP 2022, The Circle Music
34.00EUR • approx. 49.3USD [ temp. out of stock ] : [ pre-order ]
Another masterpiece of Ataraxia, for the first time EVER on Vinyl, and including 3 rare bonus-Tracks. “Lost Atlantis” is an amalgam of sounds and images, a mystical descent into an “aquatic” world, a poetic rendering of reality and fiction. Lim. 200x.

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- tracklist -
The Early Days
A1. The Early Days
A2. Daytia
A3. Aperlae
A4. Dolphins
The Town Of The Five Rings
B1. Agharti
B2. Fountains
B3. Mu-Land
B4. Oduarpa
C1. Lost Atlantis
C2. The Land Of Sand Of Gold Of Ruin
C3. Departure
C4. To Be Without Being (Bonus Track)
A Calliope
D1. Arcana Eco (Bonus Track)
D2. A Calliope (Bonus Track)

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