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Grace of God
Digipak CD
"Die Menschheit ist durch und durch schlecht, die alte Mutter Erde steht am Abgrund und es wird nicht mehr lange dauern, bis das ganze verderbte Menschengeschlecht die wohlverdiente Fahrt zur Hölle ant(...)"

Schwarzer Tau
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This Immortal Coil (France)
"The World Ended a Long Time Ago + The Dark Age of Love" 5x 12" LP Boxset 2022, Ici D'Aileurs
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The legendary Coil tribute project, which brings together various Ici d'Ailleurs artists and other Coil lovers. This 5x LP boxset includes "The Dark Age of Love" 2xLP, "The World Ended a Long Time Ago" 2xLP and the "Twisted by Love" remix LP!

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- tracklist -
LP I / II - The Dark Age of Love
A1. The Dark Age Of Love [3:40]
A2. Red Queen [10:18]
B1. Ostia [5:29]
B2. Chaostrophy [5:22]
B3. Love Secret Domain [4:24]
C1. Tattoed Man [4:32]
C2. Teenage Lightning [7:57]
C3. Amber Rain [3:13]
D1. Cardinal Points [5:27]
D2. Blood From The Air [5:50]
D3. Outro LSD [2:51]
LP III / IV - The World Ended A Long Time Ago
A1. Corybantic Ennui [01:16]
A2. Where Are You [06:35]
A3. Titan Arch [04:40]
B1. Dark River [04:32]
B2. Cold Cell [06:33]
B3. A White Raimbow [06:31]
C1. Magnetic North [09:19]
C2. Christmas is Now Drawing Near [04:13]
D1. Fire of the Mind [05:30]
D2. Going Up [08:44]
LP V: Twisted By Love Remix Album
A1. Dark River (remix by Aho Ssan) [06:54]
A2. Tattoed Man (remix by The Third Eye Foundation) [05:31]
A3. Magnetic North (remix by Geins't Nait) [8:58]
B1. A White Rainbow (remix by Geins't Nait) [7:12]
B2. Chaostrophy (remix by Deadverse) [6:19]
B3. White Rainbow (instrumental version) [6:25]

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