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Kali Malone
All Life Long
Digifile CD Ideologic Organ
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"Ritorna Duncan Patterson (ex Anathema ed ex Antimatter) con sequel dello splendido Madre Protégenos, uscito quattro anni fa. Come si capisce dal titolo e dall’artwork siamo sempre nell’ambito di un pr(...)"

Rock Impressions
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Gospelheim (United Kingdom)
"Ritual & Repetition - Gold Vinyl" 12" Gatefold LP 2022, Prophecy Productions
33.00EUR • approx. 47.9USD [ recommended ] : [ add to cart ]
Glittering skin made from catchy Dark Rock melodies. Bones are carved from solid Gothic Metal. A forked tongue that sings with both a beautiful female and a male voice. One for those seeking to match the glorious first record of Beastmilk! Lim. 400x.

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- tracklist -
A1. Hope Springs Infernal
A2. Satan Blues
A3. Lux Ephemera
A4. Praise Be
B1. Into Smithereens
B2. Voyeuristic Schism
B3. Valles Marineris
B4. The Hall of the Unconsumed

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