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Grace of God
Digipak CD
"I had never heard of these guys until I got this in the mail and all I have to say is, sorry I'm late. I don't know if this can be called metal, due to the absence of guitar and bass but I really don'(...)"
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Ductape (Turkey)
"Ruh" 12" LP 2022, Swiss Dark Nights
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The amazing Turkish combo Ductape continue to deliver a mature mix of Electro and Postpunk. The 8-track album brings Ductape's dark, chaotic sound to an even more tense feeling, and is likely to set them up alongside their countrymen She Past Away.

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- tracklist -
A1. Sinners (4:55)
A2. Never (4:24)
A3. Kesik (4:12)
A4. Hatirla (4:12)
B1. Fire (4:06)
B2. Gregor (3:39)
B3. Sevmiyor (5:17)
B4. Sorular (4:03)

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