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Steve Von Till
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Shining Silver Skies
Digipak CD
"Ashram y la nostalgia del Neo-Clasico

“An acoustic jewel shining away, hidden from the human ear, yet to be rediscovered everytime that plays again and again in our heads.”

Espacio Alternativo
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Karin Park (Sweden)
"Apocalypse Pop - White Marbled Vinyl" 12" EP + CD Set 2015, State Of The Eye Recordings
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Karin expands her raw talents even further from her original Electro-Pop-princess persona down into darker territories. "Apocalypse Pop" delivers just that - gloriously catchy Rock-Pop-Synth tracks laced with deep personal lyrics.

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- tracklist -
A1. Look What You've Done
A2. Shine
A3. Life Is Just A Dream
A4. Stick To The Lie
A5. Whipped Cream, Silver And Pearls
A6. Opium
B1. Human Beings
B2. Daemons
B3. Hard Liquor Man
B4. Walls Are Gonna Fall
B5. Shake WIth The Devil
B6. Hurricane
01. Look What You've Done
02. Shine
03. Life Is Just A Dream
04. Stick To The Lie
05. Whipped Cream Silver And Pearls
06. Opium
07. Human Beings
08. Daemons
09. Hard Liquor Man
10. Walls Are Gonna Fall
11. Shake With The Devil
12. Hurricane

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