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Bark Psychosis
Scum (1992)
12" EP Rolling H...
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Omne Ensis Impera
Digipak CD
"Le fond du propos tenu par le duo suédois Arditi (alias H. Möller / M. Björkman, dont le patronyme artistique fait référence aux troupes d’élite italiennes de la premičre guerre mondiale) effraie plus(...)"

ObsküR[e] Kollektive
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Hadit (Germany)
"With Joy And Ardour Through The Incommensurable Path - Black Vinyl" 12" LP 2021, Sentient Ruin Laboratories
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An obfuscating spell of dark cosmological Death Metal destruction shrouded in crushing dissonance, otherworldly atmospheres, and an aura of profound mysticism and esotericism. Influences include Inquisition, Archgoat, Dread Congregation or Incantation.

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- tracklist -
A1. The Unfathomable Omnipresence Of The Sister Of Sleep
A2. A Digression And Her Eternal Domain Above The Atmosphere
A3. The Quest For Hearts And The Conquest Of Time
B1. The Submission Of Rage For Propulsion Divine
B2. The Shredder Of The Most Rooted Archetypes
B3. The Retaking Of Meaning Of Joy And Ardour...
B4. ...On The Incommensurable Path

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