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""The Garden of the Hesperides" is the debut album of Hexperos, which is another duet in the roster of Equilibrium Music, just like The Moon and the Nightspirit and Poets to their Beloved. Hexperos is (...)"

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Bedless Bones (Estonia)
"Bending the Iron Bough - Green Transparent Vinyl" 12" LP 2022, Cold Transmission Music
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Ranging over themes of courage, fear, rebirth, growth and sanctity, "Bending the Iron Bough", the second album by Bedless Bones, creates a realm of alternative myth and lore through nine unique songs where cool electronic textures court ethereal ambience.

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- tracklist -
A1. Departing. Solstice (Prelude) (1:55)
A2. Realign And Reign (3:46)
A3. Sic Mundus (4:11)
A4. Ashes Indigo (5:34)
A5. The Golden Bough (2:47)
B1. Only Blood Comes Through (5:32)
B2. In Omnia Paratus (5:33)
B3. Septentrional (Aurora) (4:58)
B4. The Iron Bough (4:46)

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