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For To Have Tim...
12" LP Manic Depression
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Digipak CD
"The Italian classical oriented Lupercalia impresses with their new album. “Florilegium” is a mixture of classical voice (Claudia Florio), violin (Gianluco Uccio) and classical guitar (Ricc(...)"

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Planning For Burial (U.S.A.)
"Matawan: Collected Works 2010-2014, Volume One - Silver Vinyl" 2x 12" LP 2021, The Flenser
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This vinyl version of the first volume of the 2017 "Matawan" collection includes much of the first disc of the CD version tirelessly remixed and edited, and the inclusion tracks not found on the original edition specially prepared for the vinyl format.

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- tracklist -
A1. Sleeping In Separate Rooms
A2. If I Knew What To Say
A3. Boring Domesticated Life
A4. Parking Lot Mosh
B1. Leaves Will Bloom Long After We Are Gone
B2. TV Glow
B3. 25 April 2010
C1. Waiting For The Deathconsciousness Reissue CD To Come Out On Tumult
C2. Wounded Love
D1. I Hope You'll Pick Me Out
D2. Annick
D3. Friendship
D4. Nu Metal

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