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Of the Wand and...
12" LP Moondrop Records
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Digipak CD
"This is French group Rajna’s ninth album, and it should please fans of the ethereal vocals genre. Jeanne and Fabrice Lefebvre make music like a European answer to Dead Can Dance. This record has an al(...)"

Collected Sounds
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Absolute Body Control (Belgium)
"Lost / Found (2005) - Black Vinyl" 4x 12" LP Boxset 2021, Mecanica
79.00EUR • approx. 114.6USD [ temp. out of stock ] : [ pre-order ]
The definitive collection of this Minimal-Synth-Wave act, now available for the first time on vinyl record with a total of 52 songs (including 8 previously unreleased)!

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- tracklist -
A1. Behind Closed Doors
A2. Waving Hands
A3. Touch Your Skin
A4. Carfever
A5. Figures
A6. Foxy Sunday
B1. Me And My Desire
B2. Do You Feel It Inside (Remake)
B3. Faceless
B4. 5 Minutes
B5. Octopus
B6. What Is The Disease?
C1. I'm Leaving
C2. Film 3
C3. Shake
C4. Lonely This Christmas
C5. I Wasn't There (Live)
C6. Numbers 14
D1. Automatic 2
D2. Arabesque
D3. A Broken Dream
D4. Slow Action
D5. Melting Away
D6. Spinning Round
D7. Eat This
E1. Precious
E2. Do You Feel It Inside
E3. Tanzmusik
E4. Love At First Sight
E5. Circle Of Steel
E6. In Your Mind
E7. Gone At Last
F1. So Obvious
F2. Film 1
F3. Is There An Exit?
F4. Suffer In Silence
F5. So Hard (Live)
F6. Fast Forward
G1. Back To You
G2. Automatic 1
G3. Terminus
G4. The Man I Wanna Be
G5. Far Too Late
G6. Give Me Your Hands
G7. Total Control
H1. Late At Night
H2. Numbers 11 (Silhouette)
H3. It Is Just (Live)
H4. Clouds
H5. On Fire
H6. Velvet Sky
H7. Game For A Laugh

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