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Digipak CD
"This band continues to remain active and have taken time out of their busy collaboration schedule to bring us this latest work. img This album is everything that Rajna stands for, beautiful ethnic eth(...)"

Gothic Paradise
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Cindytalk (United Kingdom)
"The Wind Is Strong... (1990) - Marble Smoke Vinyl" 12" LP 2021, Daïs Records
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One of the most elusive and adventurous in the Cindytalk discography, a mix of musique concréte, haunted reverie, and desolate beauty. Overtly cinematic music, conjuring forests at dusk and shadowed corridors, equal parts remote and reflective. Lim. 600x.

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- tracklist -
A1. Landing
A2. Firstsight
A3. To The Room
A4. Waiting
A5. Through Flowers
A6. Secondsight
A7. Through The Forest
A8. Arrival
A9. Is There Room For Hire
A10. Choked I
B1. Choked II
B2. Dream Ritual
B3. Fuck You Mrs Grimace
B4. On Snowmoor
B5. Angel Wings

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