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"Le nom Hexperos vient de Hesperides et Hesperos, la première étoile qui apparaît au crépuscule (*)... Nom évocateur de cet instant fragile où se mêlent en incandescence le jour et la nuit, laissant en(...)"

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Morast (Germany)
"The Palingenesis" 7" EP 2021, Totenmusik
7.50EUR • approx. 10.9USD [ back in stock ] : [ add to cart ]
The new EP by German Blackened Doom band Morast. Written in pandemic isolation, the two new songs reflect the claustrophobic atmosphere of its time and are a resumption of the band's fierce and obscure path to complete and total darkness. Lim. 608x.

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A1. In Gloam
B1. Augmentation Of Time

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