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The Moon and th...
Regő Rejtem
A5 Digipak CD
"This is the second album for the Hungarian band THE MOON AND THE NIGHTSPIRIT, after the debut album “Of Dreams Forgotten and Fables Untold”, both released by Equilibrium Music. The title of this new w(...)"

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Luis Vasquez (The Soft Moon) (U.S.A.)
"A Body Of Errors - Black Vinyl" 12" LP 2021, 2Mondi Collective
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Venturing off course from his Post-Punk / Dark Wave project, The Soft Moon, Los Angeles born composer and multi-instrumentalist Luis Vasquez, embarks into new territory with "A Body Of Errors", a bold reimagining of the soundtrack genre.

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- tracklist -
A1. Interno
A2. Poison Mouth
A3. Under My Teeth
A4. Decomposition (Part 1)
A5. This Guilt
A6. The Wasp
A7. Surgery
B1. In A Cage
B2. No Longer Human
B3. Decomposition (Part 2)
B4. Used To Be
B5. From The Drain
B6. Arms & Legs
B7. World On Fire

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