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She Past Away
Belirdi Gece (2...
12" LP Fabrika Records
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Shining Silver Skies
Digipak CD
"Ashram ist ein Begriff aus dem Hinduismus und beschreibt einen Ort, an dem man entspannen und loslassen kann. Kein Ort, sondern die Musik ist Thema der italienischen „Neo-Klassiker“ ASHRAM, die vor ku(...)"

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16 Horsepower (U.S.A.)
"All Access" 4x 12" LP Boxset 2019, Glitterhouse Records
90.00EUR • approx. 130.5USD [ temp. out of stock ] : [ pre-order ]
This lavish boxset gathers the highly sought-out studio highlights for these Alternative Folk geniuses, "Secret South" and "Folklore", plus the impressive live double album "Live, March 2001", in high quality 180 gram heavyweight virgin vinyl.

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- tracklist -
Secret South:
A1. Clogger (3:28)
A2. Wayfaring Stranger (4:28)
A3. Cinder Alley (4:42)
A4. Burning Bush (3:59)
A5. Poor Mouth (4:39)
A6. Silver Saddle (3:11)
B1. Praying Arm Lane (3:19)
B2. Splinters (5:17)
B3. Just Like Birds (3:42)
B4. Nobdy 'Cept You (3:34)
B5. Straw Foot (3:30)
C1. Hutterite Mile (4:05)
C2. Outlaw Song (4:29)
C3. Blessed Persistence (4:06)
C4. Alone And Forsaken (2:49)
C5. Single Girl (2:35)
D1. Beyond The Pale (3:45)
D2. Horse Head Fiddle (4:50)
D3. Sinnerman (4:15)
D4. Flutter (4:04)
D5. La Robe A Parasol (2:29)
Live, March 2001:
E1. American Wheeze
E2. I Seen What I Saw
E3. Wayfaring Stranger
E4. Cinder Alley
E5. Straw Foot
F1. Clogger
F2. Harm's Way
F3. Haw
F4. Poor Mouth
F5. Praying Arm Lane
G1. Burning Bush
G2. Splinters
G3. Silver Saddle
G4. Phyllis Ruth
H1. 24 Hours
H2. Partisan
H3. Coal Black Horses
H4. Dead Run

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