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Omne Ensis Impera
Digipak CD
"Sich in einem Review dem Album "Omne Ensis Impera" des schwedischen Duos Arditi zu nhern ist schwer, weil es zum einen nur bedingt mit anderen Alben vergleichbar ist, und zum anderen durch den kunstv(...)"

Twilight Magazin
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Svabhavat (U.S.A.)
"Black Mirror Reflection" CD 2020, Eisenwald Tonschmiede
13.00EUR • approx. 18.9USD [ add to cart ]
Svabhavat describe their music as Ritualistic Necromancy Black Metal, an indeed apt demi-tag: across the band's "Black Mirror Reflection" debut, one will find the refreshingly old stench of archetypal Darkthrone, Mayhem, and especially Katharsis. Lim.500x

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- tracklist -
I. Mysteries Of The Odious Path (7:09)
II. Great Tiamat, Filled With Corpses (5:04)
III. Abhicaara (5:11)
IV. Chalice Of Poisoned Souls (5:35)
V. Aghori, Flame Of Knowledge (5:15)
VI. Black Mirror Reflection (8:12)

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