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"The Hungarian pagan folk band The Moon & The Nightspirit has released two excellent albums with Of Dreams Forgotten and Fables Untold and Rego Rejtem. The last few years the band has performed quite a(...)"

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Arnaut Pavle (Finland)
"Demo (2013)" 12" LP 2019, Mystískaos
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Originally released in early 2013 on Vlad Tapes, the debut demo from Arnaut Pavle has been favorably compared to the works of early Darkthrone and Craft with added Punk sensibilities. First time vinyl pressing.

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- tracklist -
A1. Unorthodox Funeral Procession
A2. Drop The Coffin
A3. Eat The Soil From This Grave
A4. Massgraves Call
A5. Skeletonized By Demon
A6. ...Unless A Man Truly Dies
A7. Answer
B1. Unorthodox Funeral Procession
B2. Drop The Coffin
B3. Eat The Soil From This Grave
B4. Massgraves Call
B5. Skeletonized By Demon
B6. ...Unless A Man Truly Dies
B7. Answer

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