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"An einem grauen Novembertag erhielt ich eine neue Veröffentlichung des portugiesischen Labels Equilibrium Music. Bei dem Hören der ersten Akkorde war dem Rezensenten bereits klar, dass besagte Platten(...)"
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Soft Cell (United Kingdom)
"Cruelty Without Beauty (2002) - Pink Vinyl" 2x 12" Gatefold LP 2020, A Big Frock Rekord
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Long regarded by many fans as an overlooked masterpiece, Soft Cell’s 2002 reunion album features a lyrical outlook that was as true to their maturity and perspective back in 2002 as it is relevant and accurate to the world situation in 2020.

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- tracklist -
A1. Darker Times
A2. Monoculture
A3. Le Grand Guignol
A4. The Night
B1. Last Chance
B2. Together Alone
B3. Desperate
B4. Whatever It Takes
C1. All Out Of Love
C2. Sensation Nation
C3. Caligula Syndrome
C4. On An Up
D1. Divided Soul
D2. God-Shaped Hole
D3. Somebody, Somewhere, Sometime
D4. Dancing Alone
D5. Perversity

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