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The Garden of t...
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"HEXPEORS to włoska formacja, którą tworzą obdarzona nieprzeciętnym głosem sopranistka Alessandra Santorito, (znana z formacji Gothica) oraz Francesco Forgione odpowiedzialny z(...)"

Beast of Prey Magazine
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Jean-Marc Lederman (Belgium)
"Letters To Gods [And Fallen Angels]" 2x CD/Book Set 2020, Wool-e-discs
32.00EUR • approx. 46.4USD [ back in stock ] : [ add to cart ]
“You can write a letter to a god, or a fallen angel, what do you say?” That's the starting point of the new Jean-Marc Lederman opus, in his typical mixture of loungy Darkwave & Electropop, again featuring numerous guests. Lim. 300x copies.

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- tracklist -
01. Intro Log by 8 Of Nine: Spacedate 6857 Intro Log
02. Letter From Agi Taralas: All Of My Life
03. Letter From Emma Barson: Under A Glass Sky
04. Letter From Ghost & Writer: Demon's Crawl Rework 2019
05. Letter From Mari Kattman: Riding High On A Wheel Of Fate
06. Letter From JP Aston: I Don't Believe In Angels
07. Letter From Coline Wauters: Lettre Ŕ Pélé
08. Letter From Christina Z.: 18 Minutes
09. Letter From Das Vintage: A Conversation
10. Letter From Lucia Fairfull: Heaven
11. Letter From Stefan Netschio: Casino Brutale
12. Letter From Hunter S. Thompson: Extract From "Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas"
01. Letter From Elena Alice Fossi: Waste Paper
02. Letter From Tom Shear: Answer Me
03. Letter From Mark Hockings: Don't Collect Me
04. Into My Arms
05. Letter From Emileigh Rohn: Tell Me Why
06. Letter From Miriam Christina: I'll Be Out Of Reach
07. Letter From Haydn Park-Patterson: Former Angels
08. Letter From Rodney Orpheus: Sophisticated Evening
09. Letter From Louise Fraser: I'm Falling
10. Letter From Lis Van Den Akker: Dark Soul
11. Letter From Claus Larsen: Discard My Chains Now
12. Outro From Friedrich Nietzsche: God Is Dead

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