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Reg Rejtem
A5 Digipak CD
""Reg Rejtem" lautet der Titel des zweiten Albums des ungarischen Paganfolk-Duos "The Moon and the Nightspirit". Equilibrium Music verspricht mit der Platte eine mystische Reise in ein traumhaft schn(...)"
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Ostara (Australia)
"Eclipse Of The West" 12" LP + CD Set 2020, Trisol
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An uncompromising confrontation with the Zeitgeist, brimming from start to end with a sense of tragic urgency. Inspired by the Sturm und Drang movement, singer songwriter, Richard Leviathan, weaves a barbed thread through the centuries.

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- tracklist -
A1. Storm And Stress (3:54)
A2. Alchemy (2:31)
A3. Eclipse Of The West (2:47)
A4. Song Of Saul (2:49)
A5. Story of Pain (4:52)
A6. St John Of The Cross (2:58)
A7. Dystopia (2:42)
A8. Wayland's Sons (3:08)
B1. El Enemigo (3:42)
B2. City Of The Shades (3:32)
B3. Fifth Horseman (2:41)
B4. Runaway Horses (2:53)
B5. Cold Blunt Love (4:29)
B6. Siren Song (3:27)
B7. Sailor Of The Blue (3:41)
(same tracklist on the CD)

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