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Digipak CD
"Uno storico di tutto rispetto quello relativo al duo francese dei Lefebvre, Jeanne (vocals) e Fabrice: i Rajna. Collezionisti di strumenti musicali delle pi disparate origini, fortemente influenzati (...)"

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Steve Von Till (U.S.A.)
"As The Crow Flies (2000)" 12" LP 2013, Neurot Recordings
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A direct path from spirit to spirit, from heart to heart, from source to ear. Its sad and desolate, sparse and introspective. Born of earth and stone and a respect for the power of nature, its everything it needs to be: A funeral for a way of life.

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- tracklist -
A1. Warning Of A Storm
A2. We All Fall
A3. Remember
A4. Midheaven
B1. Stained Glass
B2. Twice Born
B3. Shadows In Stone

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