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And Also The Tr...
And Also The Trees (1984)
2x 12" Gatefold LP AATT
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The Garden of t...
Digipak CD
"Hexperos, an ensemble led by Alessandra Santovito and Francesco Forgione, have composed a sophisticated, romantic and unusual album that introduces nocturnal magic into classical chamber music. "Garde(...)"

Gothic Beauty Magazine
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Wolcensmen (United Kingdom)
"Songs From The Fyrgen (2016)" 12" Gatefold LP + CD Set 2018, Indie Recordings
26.00EUR • approx. 37.7USD [ back in stock ] : [ add to cart ]
The Epic Heathen Folk project brought into being by Dan Capp, also known for his role in Winterfylleth. This re-issue includes a CD Bonus Disc featuring a brand new EP, "Songs From The Mere", recorded in June 2018.

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- tracklist -
A1. Withershins
A2. The Fyre-Bough
A3. Hoofes Upon The Shymmeringe Path
A4. 'Neath A Wreath Of Firs
B1. Sunne
B2. The Mon O' Micht
B3. Snowfall
B4. The Bekens Are Aliht
B5. Yerninge
Bonus CDEP:
01. The Ferryman
02. Lady Of The Depe
03. The Greene Wall
04. Beholdinge, He...
05. Man Of Iron (Bathory Cover)

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