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"Ho scoperto i Dead Can Dance circa una quindicina d’anni fa. Ne rimasi affascinato, nessuna band era in grado di creare quelle atmosfere. Da quel giorno ho consigliato a tutti l’ascolto della produzio(...)"

Raw & Wild
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Zu (Italy)
"Cortar Todo" 12" LP 2015, Ipecac Recordings
19.00EUR • approx. 27.6USD [ add to cart ]
Zu offer an experimental amalgam of Metal, Math, No-Wave, Noise and Electronics. "Cortar Todo" reveals new dynamics from Zu - more direct, sharp, focussed, and more intense and musical than anything we have heard from them so far.

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- tracklist -
A1. The Unseen War
A2. Rudra Dances Over Burning Rome
A3. Cortar Todo
A4. A Sky Burial
A5. Orbital Equilibria
B1. Serpens Cauda
B2. No Pasa Nada
B3. Conflict Acceleration
B4. Vantablack Vomitorium
B5. Pantokrator

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