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"Man sollte es nicht verallgemeinern, doch oft spricht es sehr wohl für die Qualität einer Veröffentlichung, wenn dem Rezensenten das entsprechende Review so richtig schwer fällt. So im Falle der Schwe(...)"

Metalspheres Fanzine
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Atlantean Kodex (Germany)
"The Course Of Empire - Black Vinyl" 2x 12" Gatefold LP 2019, Ván
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The highly anticipated third full-length album of Atlantean Kodex! A monumental behemoth of molten Epic Metal and a more than worthy successor to “The White Goddess”, yet it stands darker, heavier, rawer and more complex!

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- tracklist -
A1. The Alpha And The Occident (Rising From Atlantean Tombs) (02:01)
A2. People Of The Moon (Dawn Of Creation) (09:01)
A3. Lion Of Chaldea (The Heroes’ Journey) (06:45)
B1. Chariots (Descending From Zagros) (08:29)
B2. The Innermost Light (Sensus Fidei) (03:34)
B3. A Secret Byzantium (Numbered As Sand And The Stars) (08:55)
C1. He Who Walks Behind The Years (The Place Of Sounding Drums) (08:53)
C2. Spell Of The Western Sea (Among Wolves And Thieves) (01:27)
C3. The Course Of Empire (All Thrones in Earth And Heaven) (10:46)
C4. Die Welt Von Gestern (Abendland) (02:43)

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