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"Out of the doom metal chasm comes an album of exquisite beauty. Fans of doom metal will be familiar with Duncan Patterson as a mainstay of the excellent band Anathema. Ion is Patterson's latest projec(...)"

Sea of Tranquility
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Bremen (Sweden)
"Enter Silence" 12" LP 2018, Blackest Ever Black
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Bremen combine elements of trogged-out psychedelic Rock with a deadly serious Arctic minimalism and weeping modal improvisations that owe more to the outer limits of Jazz and burnt-out free music from Japan.

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- tracklist -
A1. Sinister
A2. The Middle Section
A3. Aimless Cruising
A4. Closures
A5. Valley Of Ashes
A6. Palladium
B1. Enter Silence
B2. No Means To Remain
B3. Too Cold For Your Eyes
B4. Everything Coagulates
B5. Earthbound
B6. Vanishing Point

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