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Madre, Protégenos
Digipak CD
"Da es sich bei „Madre Protégenos“ um den Erstling des Projektes Íon handelt, muss ich ein bißchen ausholen. Duncan Patterson, der Kopf hinter Íon, dürfte eher bekannt sein. Als Mitglied von Anathema u(...)"
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Lille Roger (Sweden)
"Undead 1984-1987" 6x 12" LP Boxset 2018, Cold Meat Industry
99.00EUR • approx. 143.6USD [ temp. out of stock ] : [ pre-order ]
Ultimately the belated “Undead 1984-87” boxset has been unearthed. After years in the making, this monumental collection of Roger Karmanik's early Industrial works is brought to you by the reborn Cold Meat Industry. Dangerous music for dangerous people.

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- tracklist -
A Celebration
A1. My Girl
A2. Good Times & Bad
A3. Hamburg -35
A4. Empty Flesh
A5. Recensement
B1. In Himmel
B2. Unit 731
B3. Hear Me
B4. Death Statues
B5. Blood Hound
B6. Blood Shower
For Life
C1. Fighting For Freedom
C2. Is This Wrong?
C3. Thanks For The Memory
C4. My Hands Ain't Dirty
C5. Dada-Dead
D1. My Girl No.2
D2. Dachau
D3. We Are Too Much
D4. A Modified Method
E1. Blow On The Top
E2. Don't Wanna Hurt You
E3. The Fist Of A Man
E4. Free At Last
E5. For Life
F1. Zum Morgen
F2. They Burn
F3. No Right
F4. Good Old Dayz
F5. Rejoyce
Älskar Dig
G1. Triumph
G2. A Rare Experience
G3. Story Of K
G4. The Blood
G5. Framför Altaret
G6. My Lucky Day
H1. With Love
H2. Run
H3. Psycho
H4. 478:5
H5. Destruktive
Recorded 1985-86
I1. New Will
I2. Twilight Trial
I3. One Question
I4. American Way
J1. Touch Me
J2. Today I'm Deadly
J3. Timebomb
J4. Rubber Lady
J5. Sometimes I'm Happy
K1. Sorrow Cathedral
K2. Life Cleaner
K3. Don't Turn Around
K4. Mass
K5. Total
L1. Head Or Tail
L2. Forever
L3. Crawl On The Floor
L4. True Reform
L5. No Refund

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