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"Ritengo il presente 'Offering' un mirabile esempio di musica popolare allor quando con questo termine banale si desidera prefissare atmosfere vicine al volgo, non certo inteso in senso dispregiativo. (...)"
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Duncan Evans (United Kingdom)
"Prayers for an Absentee" 2x CD Boxset 2018, Prophecy Productions
25.00EUR • approx. 36.3USD [ add to cart ]
Eight prayers transformed into songs. Inspired by the likes of Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen and Swans, Evans is crafting Dark Folk Rock that fuses elements of Post-Punk with singer songwriter sensibilities, tinged by psychedelia. Signed, lim. 100x.

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- tracklist -
01. Bring Your Shoulder
02. Borderlands Prayer
03. Us and Them and You and Me
04. Trembling
05. Poppy Tears
06. I Know
07. Christabel
08. Time
Bonus CD:
01. Superstructure Blues
02. Love Will Save You
03. Dreams are Made of Money
04. Girl on the Hill (remix)
05. Bird of Prey (remix)

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