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She Past Away
Belirdi Gece (2...
12" LP Fabrika Records
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Mother of Disease
Digipak CD
"H. Möller (co-équipier de M. Björkman au sein d’Arditi) et F. Söderlund ont commis avec "Mother Of Disease" leur troisième opus studio sous le nom de Puissance. Enregistré aux studios Octinomos et pro(...)"

ObsküR[e] Kollektive
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Death In June (United Kingdom)
"State Laughter/Holy Water - Brown Vinyl" 7" EP 2018, Extremocidente
sold out
Reissue of Death In June's "State Laughter/Holy Water" 7", 36 years after its original release! Pressed in lovely brown-shirt vinyl and housed on a textured foil blocked cover including an insert with expanded artwork and two postcards, lim. 222x.

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A. State Laughter (5:54)
A-A. Holy Water (3:58)

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