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Unto Ashes
Pretty Haunted Things
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Madre, Protégenos
Digipak CD
"Siempre he defendido la idea de que la musica no tiene ni límites ni fronteras, que da igual la fuente de la que nazca, ya sea una guitarra o un sintetizador, lo único que importa es que esa música mu(...)"

La Defuncion
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Wappenbund (Germany)
"The Eternal Empire in Heaven" MC Boxset 2014, White Ashes
13.00EUR • approx. 18.9USD [ temp. out of stock ] : [ pre-order ]
The complete "Empire" trilogy. Contains the MCD "Heaven", the 7" "Empires..." (with new versions!) and the last part, "Kybalion", in an elaborate package consisting of a red tape on a silver printed box, with a cloth bag and insert, lim. 50 copies.

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- tracklist -
A1. Caelum (05:16)
A2. Der Sieg Des Lichtes (05:26)
A3. Weisse Asche (03:49)
A4. Empires (05:12)
A5. Son Of Sun (05:15)
B1. Kybalion (05:00)
B2. Empire Of Light (05:48)
B3. Mercurii Ad Tatium Filium Suum De Generatione & Impositione Silentii (04:29)
B4. The Gate Of Eternal Wisdom (03:55)

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